Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the BEYBLADE BURST App. Challenge your friends in over 90 countries worldwide to global multiplayer online* matches, with leaderboards, personalized profiles, an enhanced digital top selection and the capability of earning achievements to level up from Rookie to ultimate BEYBLADE Master! Compete to win matches and unlock virtual pieces! The BEYBLADE BURST App brings the excitement and energy of BEYBLADE BURST to your own personal device! BATTLE LEAGUE* CREATE A LEAGUE OF YOUR OWN -START A LEAGUE WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Create a league, invite your friends, and BATTLE in multi-round tournaments for the title of top Blader. -CHOOSE A SEASON: Choose season lengths of 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. -YOUR SCOREBOARD: Earn points by challenging your friends to 2 different types of battles: 1. COMPETE ONLINE WITH DIGITAL BATTLES: Challenge your friends to digital battles that add points to your Blader score. 2. COMPETE FACE-TO-FACE WITH TOY BATTLES: Battle your friends face-to-face with your Beyblade Burst top toys, then enter the results into your Battle League! -GATHER YOUR LEAGUE FOR TOURNAMENT DAY: Create a 1 day season and host a bracketed toy tournament party! CONTROL RC BLUETOOTH ENABLED BEYBLADE BURST TOPS!** -Scan a BEYBLADE BURST Energy Layer to unlock BLUETOOTH enabled digital controls within the BEYBLADE BURST app. -Swipe left or right onscreen to change spin direction and speed of your BLUETOOTH enabled BEYBLADE BURST top -Charge up power during battle and unleash mighty Avatar attacks! BEYBLADE BURST HYPERSPHERE! CLIMB AND DROP ATTACK: Faceoff in intense battle clashes to build power and launch your digital HYPERSPHERE top up the HYPERSPHERE BEYSTADIUM walls, speed along the brink, and drop onto your opponent with a devastating attack! GIFT WITH FRIENDS TO EARN DIGITAL FRIEND REWARDS -Send your scanned Beyblade Burst tops on BATTLE TRACK battles to earn virtual Beycoins in the app you can gift to your Blader friends! -Gift BATTLE TRACK virtual Beycoins or add new friends to earn FRIEND REWARDS to unlock exclusive digital content within the app. USEFUL TIPS: This app requires access to your device’s camera to scan the code on your BEYBLADE BURST products. Visit your device's privacy settings to enable the camera. **BLUETOOTH enabled BEYBLADE BURST tops sold separately. Not available in all languages or markets. BEYBLADE BURST™ app works with select iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices. Updates affect compatibility. Check for details and device compatibility. *Features such as multiplayer online, friends leaderboard and progress restore require an internet connection. Ask a parent first. Supported Devices running iOS 8+ - iPod Touch 5th Gen+ - iPhone 4S+ - iPad 2+ - iPad Mini+


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BEYBLADE BURST app | iOS | Android | PC

BEYBLADE BURST app Cheat and Hack Tool 2022 - Cheat your way in and hack your way out for fun and generate your in-App resources by using our tool. Available on PC, Android and iOS mobile.

How to use:

  • Click Hack Button if you want to use the online Generator
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  •  Please answer atleast 1 or 2 surveys for verification. After that you will receive your resources. 
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  • Enjoy Hacking!

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