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Movie Theater Tycoon Management Game! Fun Free Casual Movie Games Build a Movie Theater or Cinema in one of the Best New Idle Games! Become a Box Office Tycoon in the Film Industry! You are the boss. Make choices, hire managers, upgrade the way you want! Get Hollywood Rich! Build a Movie Empire! If you love Idle Tycoon Management games, this new casual game will blow you away. Watch as your box office movie empire grows! Have you ever wondered how to be an effective movie theater manager? Become a business manager tycoon by managing your theater business and earn lots of cash in the process. Become a Box Office Tycoon millionaire overnight! This is not an endless tap game, no need for endless tapping like those others annoying clicker games. FEATURES: • CASUAL and EASY idle management game play • SIMPLE GAMEPLAY unlike those other complicated idle games! • QUICK to learn, CHALLENGING to master • Build Concessions, Arcades, Karaoke, Theaters, Ticket Booths and more in this simulation game! Hire MANAGERS to earn money FASTER • REINVEST your profits and BUILD off your success • Tap to UPGRADE stations and EARN MORE! • CUSTOMIZE your theater and PERSONALIZE your experience • PAY TRIBUTE to your FAVORITE MOVIES with collectable moments • Complete GOALS to earn rewards and unlock NEW LOCATIONS • More MAPS and WORLDS than other idle games! • Hold VIP SCREENINGS and run Marketing BOOSTS for extra profits • No endless TAPPING required • OFFLINE earnings keep the money coming in, even while you are away • Build an Idle Box Office MOVIE empire and watch it GROW • Whether you call it a cine, cinema, kino or 映画館, this game is available in most LANGUAGES • CAUTION this game is highly ADDICTIVE Run your own movie theater, enjoy building small & large cinema theaters and expand your blockbuster empire. Miss working or going to the movie theater, cinema or movieplex? The difference from working here compared to AMC, Noovie, Blockbuster, Netflix, Regal, Showtimes, Cinemark, Cineplex or other large theaters, is that you are the boss! AMC and Noovie don't compare to your tycoon movie theater empire. You are the boss, you make the decisions, you manage your business in this fun free idle simulation management game. Don't get stuck playing boring idle games like managing a supermarket, a theme park, prison or mine. Be the boss, earn cash, and be the tycoon, unlike those other idle games. Other idle games don't compare - the best in idle games. If you dream of running a cinema, box office tycoon is the best free online game for you. Tired of being a miner or a farmer or managing a theme park, fitness gym, supermarket, factory, prison, restaurant and food or hotel empire? Become an idle movie tycoon capitalist. Seriously the best of all the idle games! Fun free exciting entertainment for all the wanna be tycoons out there. Become a movie theater tycoon millionaire or billionaire in this money manager clicker simulator. Sell tickets and build a profitable empire by managing resources, optimizing showtimes and making your customers happy. If you love Idle and Incremental games, this is the casual tycoon game for you! Best of all the tycoon idle games! Play the Best in Fun Free Idle Games on Mobile! Download Now! From the makers of other Idle Tycoon classics, #1 in tycoons games Like us on Facebook: Subscribe on YouTube: Got any problems or suggestions? Feel free to send a message to we are always happy about our players’ feedback! NOTE: ► The game does not offer an opportunity to win real cash money or real prizes. By downloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Terms of Use and are subject to the Privacy Policy. ©2021 Hothead Games


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