When people mention [music game] the word, [super difficult] [only strong to play the game] the idea will be arises spontaneously, but this time we have to reverse this idea! This is a plan that anyone can enjoy the pleasure of the sound! [DanceRail] is the latest series of [Dance] series. Change the tradition of the past 4K model! Enjoy the pleasure of dancing with music in the tracks! The game has [long] notes and [single] note two notes composition, no matter what kind of notes, just press the area to complete the hit! Super simple! Super easy! Experience the rhythm of the music! Enjoy fun in other music games! **************************************** [Free of charge] As a college student, one person to complete the game independently, in order to bring you is happy. So do not collect any money, completely free to everyone, and did not set any advertising. [New mode] There is no precedent, you can press the fixed can hit the note. Compared to master the rhythm, experience the rhythm is more important! [Everyone can play] Difficulty from low to high coverage, there are always suitable for your play! Let you and your companions around like the sound of the tour! [Luxury song] Most of the songs included in this work are excellent tracks that I have carefully selected, and even some of them are expensive to buy copyright, only to bring the best experience! **************************************** Device support: [Must] at least have a ios8.0, if even smaller than that, it is really difficult to run it [Optional] with A10 above the level of the CPU, then it is very helpful, the game screen using high-definition 3D rendering, high-performance CPU, then you can get the highest experience! **************************************** If you have any good comments and suggestions, it is strongly recommended to contact me directly! The progress of the game requires everyone's support! QQ: 964163397 Twitter: @veemonshinka On the game's feelings, ideas, recommendations, inadequate, at any time can give me feedback! Moreover, if you are a composer (Composer), or hold the copyright OK super nice track, or even directly to us to provide songs! **************************************** Made by GameMaker:Studio Professional Edition (v 1.4.1804)


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