Flight Simulator Advanced



• Feel what it's like flying inside the cockpit of a real aircraft. • Interact with cockpit buttons, switches and levers. • Push-back, taxi to runway, take-off, fly, land. REQUIREMENTS: ------------------- * iPhone 7 or better * Stable Internet connection for terrain loading during flight Main Features --------------------- • Many aircrafts, including A320, B737, A330, A340, A380, A350, B777, B747, Β787 with a lot of liveries and authentic cockpits. • Realistic physics/aerodynamics • Ground controls (steering, brakes, pushback) • Flight controls (roll, pitch, rudder) - [on-screen joystick / tilt phone]. • Autopilot (altitude, speed and heading hold) Cockpit interactions ---------------------- • Start/shut down engines • Control thrust amount • Flaps • Pushback • Landing gear • Autopilot (speed, heading & altitude hold) Graphics ---------------------- • Authentic cockpits • Realistic airport environment (buildings, taxiways, parking area with jetways, runways) • Realistic terrain with satellite imagery and elevation • Animated flaps/spoilers/ailerons/gear • Volumetric clouds Locations ---------------------- • Frankfurt (EDDF) • Los Angeles (KLAX) • Athens (LGAV) • Dubai (OMDB) • Melbourne (YMML) • Manchester (EGCC) • San Francisco (KSFO) • St. Maarten (TNCM) • Gatwick (EGKK) • London City Airport (EGLC) Realistic sound effects ----------------------- • ATC chatter • Engine sound effects (spool up, reverse thrust, idle) • Other sound effects • GPWS callouts (during landing) Cameras ---------------------- • Cockpit • External • Tower view • Wing views • Camera shake effects


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Flight Simulator Advanced | iOS | Android | PC

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