Hercules Falls... in Love



~~> Make way for hunky Hercules! Your favorite godly hero is coming to Earth! ~~> Find out how wacky things get when Hercules tries to fit in at an earthly high school. ~~> Even gods fall in love! Hercules has his eye on Daphne… but will she ever love him back?! Hercules was merrily enjoying a cloud bath in the sky, when his grumpy old dad Zeus sends him down to Earth to live among the humans for a day, to become less spoiled and lazy. What starts out as a mission to find his humanity turns into an exciting love story. Features: > Hercules must pretend to be a human, but his superhuman strength keeps getting him into embarrassing situations! > Help Hercules do everything in his mighty power to get the human girl of his dreams, Daphne. > Dress him in cool human clothes & style his hair so he fits in at school! > Make delicious food for Daphne! > Publish a story about Hercules in the school newspaper - get Daphne to notice him! > Design a beautiful diamond ring for Daphne. > Make Hercules an enormous ice cream sundae to mend his broken heart - Daphne won’t even notice that he exits!!! > What will it take for Daphne to agree to a date with Hercules? Will she ever return his love? Play and find out! In-apps that include "All Levels" allow you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.


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