Know It or Blow It-Trivia Game



Show-off your knowledge in this online trivia game featuring players from all over the world. Choose your category and answer quiz questions to win games and earn coins that you can use to compete in various cities around the world. The game includes three rounds starting with five questions in three categories. You win coins for every correct answer and can double your score by betting on the hidden Big Break question. Flaunt your mental prowess by playing this high-octane online quiz on your mobile. Game features: Sharpen your skills Test your knowledge by answering trivia questions in your favorite categories. Top the charts Compete against friends and players all over the world. Get rewarded Earn coins with every game you win and use it to enter tournaments and events. Win more Use Boosters when you need a lifeline. Get featured Top players will be shown for each city, topic, event, and globally. Win exciting prizes Instantly win exciting prizes and goodies. Double your score Answer the Big Break questions in the first two rounds to score big! Enjoy a high-octane quiz game online, anytime you like. Compete live with global players and solve puzzles to get rewarded. You can even get featured as a top player in your city! Put your brain to good use and test your IQ on the latest trivia game. Download Know It or Blow It to answer trivia questions and beat your global opponents and friends to top the leader-boards. Each player must play three rounds of live quiz questions to win against their opponents and earn coins. Players can choose their categories and play alone or against their friends in head-to-head matches. Boosters are available at the start of every game that will propel you faster through the game. Boosters can be used to get more response time or remove incorrect answers – increasing the chances of answering correctly. The first round contains five questions in three categories and players win coins for answering every subsequent question. The amount of coins to be won increases with the complexity of the questions. The second round also comprises five questions in three categories, but players win double the amount of coins in this round. In the first two rounds is also a special Big Break question that could turn the game around in your favor instantly. Players can place a bet and win the amount of the bet if they answer correctly. Players can proceed to the third round only if they have a positive score. The third round is the final battle of your IQ and features only one question. No Boosters are allowed in this round. Do you think you have what it takes to win the global online trivia quiz? Download Know It or Blow It to test your IQ and keep your brain razor sharp. Start playing now. It’s free!


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Know It or Blow It-Trivia Game | iOS | Android | PC

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