Never Have I Ever: Dirty Game



Never Have I Ever is a drinking game for every kind of party. Reveal your friends dirty secrets in this naughty drinking game. Gather some friends, bring some drinks and get the party started! The rules are pretty straightforward: 1. Read the card out loud. 2. Everyone who did what the card says drinks. 3. If you've never done it, don't drink. 3. Read out the next card. NAUGHTY, DIRTY & FUN QUESTIONS Do you want to spice up your party? With “Never Have I Ever: Naked Truth”, things just got a bit naughtier! It’s the must-have game for all kinds of parties, events or to get to know someone - if you're brave enough! With dirty topics, you can reveal all, in this uncensored, unrestricted drinking game! SWIPE THROUGH TO GET NEW CARDS If you haven’t done it, your friends might have - and that’s the aim of the game when you play Never Have I Ever. Speak the truth about what you haven’t done and see which of your friends cannot say the same about themselves. You will be surprised, who is the most daring! It’s the perfect game to reveal dirty secrets. Keep in mind: this game is exclusively for adults. If you're too young or easily offended, this game might not be for you. And remember: Drink responsibly and don't drive afterwards! --- This app contains a subscription: - You can subscribe for a premium account with unlimited access to all game modes, new monthly content and no ads. - Subscription options are: 1 week with a 3 day trial, 1 month or 1 year. Link to our Terms of Use: Link to our Privacy Policy:


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