OMG Gross Zit!



~~> OMG! Your crush, Ethan, asked you out on a date!!! Time to get ready! ~~> WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR FOREHEAD?! It’s a major, nasty, red ZIT! ~~> Will you be able to get rid of the zit in time for your date? Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for – your date with adorable Ethan! Better get out of bed and start making yourself beautiful! Wait – OMG… Is that a ZIT?! And not just any zit – a disgusting, HUGE zit! You have to get rid of it before Ethan comes to pick you up! You’ll try anything! But will you succeed?! Features: > Ethan, the cutest boy in school asked you out on a date!!! OMG!!! > But when you wake up, you’re horrified to see a huge ZIT right smack on your forehead! > You can’t let Ethan see you like this! Will you be able to get rid of all evidence of the zit in time for your date? > Time to try anything you can possibly think of to destroy that zit – and FAST! > The dermatologist has a special cream for you - will that help? …Nope. > Cindy the Super Science Girl has created a special liquid that has GOT to work... FAIL. > Last try - the voodoo witch lady has concocted a smelly potion for your zit… Will that work? > Will ANYTHING help you destroy that gross zit for good?! > Phew! Your zit is gone, just in time for your date. There’s Ethan, dreamy as ever! > But… wait – is that what you think it is?! Couldn’t be…. Could it?! In-apps that include "All Levels" allow you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.


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OMG Gross Zit! | iOS | Android | PC

OMG Gross Zit! Cheat and Hack Tool 2022 - Cheat your way in and hack your way out for fun and generate your in-App resources by using our tool. Available on PC, Android and iOS mobile.

How to use:

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  • Enjoy Hacking!

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