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Play Spades FREE with millions of players from all over the world in our multiplayer, social gaming platform! Immerse yourself in the world of trick-taking, get familiar with the Whist family genre, learn how to bid properly, and master the strategy aspect to become the best! Break spades, master the art of bidding nil or blind nil, trump properly, and improve your skills as a spades player. Game features: • SOCIAL ASPECT - Friend players and like their profiles, send them gifts, express yourself with animated emojis, and rate their gameplay after each game! • TOURNAMENTS – Take part in regularly organized tournaments where you can play against the best players and receive big prizes when you win! • LEADERBOARDS - Get to the top of the leaderboards! Prove you are the best in different, exciting and elite aspects! • DAILY CHALLENGES - Cover three daily challenges every day! You have 24 hours to complete all three! • CLUBS - Enter a social or fighting club! Create a club, invite friends, play and earn club experience! Level the club up! • ONE ACCOUNT – Play VIP Spades through a browser or any mobile device with the same account. • GET REWARDS – Log-in every day to claim your daily bonus, as well as many other bonus opportunities. • LIVE conversation - Real-time conversation with others in the “Play with friends” room. • KNOCKOUT ELIMINATIONS - Win three consecutive games against players of any level! • MAKE NEW FRIENDS - Find same-interest players from all around the world! • PROFILE CUSTOMIZATION – Upload your own profile picture, write a personalized bio, choose between a variety of custom-drawn borders, play with a different deck of cards, and change the background of the table you play on! • VIP STATUS - Become VIP in Spades and gain access to even more social features and benefits on the platform! • GLOBAL CHAT – Talk about what excites you or discuss different Spades strategies! Create new topics and get to know our players! “Like” chat threads of others. • EXPERIENCE BOOSTER - Increase the experience you gain while playing games! This means that now you can level up much faster! • FREE TRAINING - Our challenging AI will allow you to learn how to play spades in a stress-free way! • NO REGISTRATION – Choose “Continue as Guest” to use our free card game app without registration. • BALANCED MATCHMAKING - Fair gameplay with players near your skill level that provides a fair experience for everyone. Most popular Spades modes in one place: • Solo - There are no teams and the score is tracked separately for each player. The prize pool goes to one player. If there is a draw between two or more players, another round is played. If a Nil bid is successful, the player gets 50 points, if not - 50 points. No blind bid can be placed. • Pairs - Work together with your partner and help each other! Be a team and assist your partner by trying to give them the tricks they need. In return, expect to receive the same amount of help. After all, not going in the negative is the goal! • Joker-Joker-Ace - You can include the Jokers card in your game! Available for both Solo and Pairs Spades. • Suicide - Players play with a partner but with a twist. One of them must bid Nil and the other has to bid at least 4. Blind Nil bids are not available. Players should do their best to achieve synergy with their teammates to win. • Whiz - A mode designed only for the best Spades players who are ready to test their skills to the limit. Professionals play in teams and must bid the exact number of trumps they have or bid nil. No Blind Nils are allowed. • Mirror - Also played with a partner, the Mirror mode requires players to announce the exact number of Spades they have. If somehow a player has no spades, he must bid Nil. Same as Whiz, no Blind Nils are allowed. Like the official Facebook page of VIP Spades and be the first to find out about our novelties! > Follow us on Instagram >


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VIP Spades - Online Card Game | iOS | Android | PC

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