WeldBoss AR Welding Game



Exciting augmented reality game that simulates real world STICK and TIG welding. Play this game to learn how to weld, or test your existing welding skills. Just open this app and point your phone a suitable flat surface that automatically becomes your welding bench. Augmented Reality detects flat surfaces in the camera view. Sufficient light and a flat surface required! When a surface is detected a button to add virtual objects appears. The weldable virtual objects magically appear in your camera preview as if they were real objects. Welding sounds and the metallic surfaces of the objects are so real, you will forget they are virtual objects. Pan, pinch and make rotate gestures on your phone's screen to move the virtual objects around the real world camera view. To weld, use the add button to select the "Stick Electrode". This attaches the welding electrode to your camera's view in "First Person" perspective. Now, your phone is the electrode. Move your phone towards objects and the electrode moves towards the objects as if it were attached to your phone. Touch the electrode to a virtual object by looking at your phone screen, and moving the phone towards where object appear until the sparks, sounds and welding beads magically appear. Sdd multiple objects and weld them together into your own creations! Download the app to train, practice or just show off your technique. This app is screen record enabled. Press the red "R" button to record your welding and share the video with friends. (Record button flashes while recording and a second tap stops recording and saves a video to your photo album.)


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WeldBoss AR Welding Game | iOS | Android | PC

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