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Roblox free Robux

Roblox an online multiplayer game that has up to 100 million active users. On Roblox you can create other games; this functionality of Roblox allows its users to create their own virtual world. Other players on the game’s network can participate in the games created by other users. These games which are virtual worlds cover different forms of gameplay that range from racing, role-playing to simulations and obstacles, Sao of you want to create your own world and have people in it it’s up to you. You can update your game every day to improve it.

Roblox is an addictive role-playing adventure game available on android and iOS and other devices. The Roblox community has libraries of worlds created, this allows for more exciting experiences in the game, you can hardly grow tired of the game because of new challenges faced in the different worlds. You can show off your style and creativity in Roblox. Your Avatar is open to different choices of hats, shirts, gear and more; to create any look of your choice

To play Roblox you are required to create an account. This involves a username of your choice, date of birth, sex (male or female) and a password.

In your Roblox profile, you can post to a feed. See your Friends; those following you and those you follow. You get to also see the groups you are in and the badges you have attained.


Roblox also places a lot of emphasis in its drive to make the game a sort of social media platform where players can interact by chatting, socializing and creating and imagining. It encourages its users to make friends while online. Roblox users can create their own worlds or interact with other people in their own creations. When you sign in to Roblox there are several features available to you that will help you explore the game. There are navigation bars on the top left and top right corners of the screen. The camera control on Roblox has two peculiar modes Classic and follow, If the developer of a game has not fixed the camera control to a specific one you can change it in the games menu

The classic mode is a fixed camera mode. It’s not dynamic. Although it can be adjusted manually to change the view to a more desirable one. This is very similar to the views in role-playing games like call of duty.

While in follow mode the camera will respond as your move to focus on your avatar's view as it moves along in the game.

Also, you can change the views by toggling between classic and follow depending on what platform you’ll be playing the game on.

Gears are a part the game you will always interact with; they are items on the game. You would usually see them in the inventory. In the inventory, you can select the gear of your choice which would totally depending on which actions you intend to perform. When you start the game, the gears you own already would automatically fill the inventory corner. At the start of the game you would have a few gears but you’ll need to acquire more as the game goes on Robux which is the games’ currency can be used to purchase any gear of choice and using a free Roblox Robux generator can give you amazing purchasing power. You will be able to purchase any gear of your choice and as much too, you can also create items on the game which other users can buy if they love them. Use your creativity and you can earn some robux for your creations

One of the very amazing ways to utilize Roblox is to communicate with fellow Roblox users. The in-game chat feature enables you to communicate and engage in conversation with your fellow Roblox users. The chat interface is no different from other chat platforms online. The text box allows you type in words and you click 'enter' to send your messages. However just in case you are not interested in chatting on Roblox or you just feel like you do not need the app at all, you can disable the game chat feature. Go to Account settings and change it in the privacy setting, it is pretty straight forward


Your avatar can perform a variety of movements referred to as emotes. The animations can be carried out by hitting the commands for the desired emote in the chat box.

Builders Club

Builders Club is a privileged membership that can be obtained in the game. The builders club memberships are to be purchased. Builders Club members receive varying bonuses when they purchase robux currency depending on the amount they purchase. Being a builders club member offers you extra benefits that would make the game more enjoyable for you. The builders clubs are; Builders club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club. I’m sure you can already tell which one has more benefits; well they rank higher in their respective order

Just like in the real world, everybody needs money to survive, the same goes for Roblox. The currency used in Roblox is called Robux it can be used to purchase anything you desire in the game worlds. The in-game currency can be gotten by buying the Robux with real money or creating something that other players can buy.

Free Robux

Free Robux can also be generated using a Roblox robux generator. The Robux generator is safe to use and it generates the requested amount of robux when you enter your user name, the platform you want to use Roblox on and then complete the surveys that follow afterwards. You will receive the requested Robux in-game and you can now purchase anything you want. The generator can be used as many times as you want.

The game’s players who join Builders club can automatically some free robux.

Builders Club members earn 15 robux per day, Turbo Builders Club members earn 35 Robux per day while outrageous Builders club earn 60 robux per day. Any participant in the various builders’ club can also earn 70% of items they sell

Asides from purchasing items and gears some game features can also be unlocked using Robux. For example, group owners can create a new rank for their groups.  Changing usernames also involves the spending of robux. Users can create a badge for their game at 100 robux each. You can also advertise your games and groups for varying amounts of Robux. 

  • Robux 1,700
  • Robux 4,500
  • Robux 10,000

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